Erda, ever ironic

My dear friends and family know that I love irony as much as anyone. A good bit of irony can really make me smile. And while I did chuckle at this, irony is not really something I enjoy in my own home.

Erda, my sweet puppy of two weeks, enjoys making messes. Even as I type this, she’s laying beside me taking turns between chewing up and ripping the stuffing out of her purple monkey and Charlie’s stuffed duck. Charlie is really a good sport about sharing his toys and possessions. Just this past week, I called them over to the kitchen to give them each a steak bone left over from dinner. Chuckster came running, got his bone, and disappeared around the corned.

“Erda!” I called. “Erda, come get a treat!”

And around the corner came Charlie sans his bone. I was not about to give him a second bone so I went to go find Erda, who hasn’t quite gotten the swing of things around here yet. I walked around the corner to see that Charlie had given Erda his bone! How precious is that? Anyway…

We purchased a brand new vacuum, the Bissell Powerforce Helix Upright Vacuum. I love it so far, but I’ll actually review it when I’ve had it for a few months. We bought this to help us clean up Erda’s incredible messes. We didn’t take it out of the box right away, however. We live in an apartment complex and don’t want to be those people who vacuum past 10 pm. So we left it to the next day but that was apparently NOT SOON ENOUGH for little Miss Erda!


Yep, she chewed the box open for us! She’s both helpful and considerate, making a mess on which we would immediately get to test out the vacuum! She’s thoughtful.


Charlie is here telling us, “You see that I didn’t do this, right? I am in no way responsible.”


Erda was so sorry! Can’t you see how sorry she is?


Oh well. She’s just a puppy and she’d doing better every day. She’s destroying fewer and fewer things and we’re getting a better handle on what kind of toys distract her the longest. She’s especially thrilled with a rubber hollowed-out stick that we can cram peanut-butter in either side. She also loves to steal Charlie’s toys. She’s nearly completely murdered Charle’s duck at this point which I suppose it what it’s there for.


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