Refashion Plus

Are you familiar with this woman?

Jillian the Refashionista

Jillian the Refashionista

If not then, oh my goodness, you should be! This woman is incredible. She takes some of the most hideous clothes you wish you’d never seen in your local thrift shop and turns them into amazingly wearable outfits! Every outfit she makes gets worn once by her, then donated to Revente’s Last Call where all profits go to the Women’s Shelter.

How awesome is that!

I’ve been following her blog the Refashionista for about a year now and have begun searching for plus sized refashioning blogs with minimal success. Standing at 6-foot-nuthin’, the majority of the clothing in stores is simply too short. I’m also curvy (buxom, voluptuous, curvaceous) and the trends in fashion favor the lithe and slender. But all bodies are good bodies and I simply want to clothe mine without feeling like my goodies are going to fall out and I’d love to include you on my journey. Therefore, I will be rearranging my home-office to better serve my sewing and refashioning needs and will be posting pictures of my creations! Check back soon for pictures and such!


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