Guest Blog on Perseverance

A friend of mine, Abby Garrett, is an incredible inspiration to those around her.

In her own words: Metamorphosis Project: […] is about becoming our best selves, and a major way we can do that is through fitness and personal development. Metamorphosis Project hopes to inspire and empower others to reach their potential, and as a result, for them to continue the cycle and inspire the rest of the world to do the same. When you work toward a goal or make a positive change in your life, others notice. This may sound cheesy, but this creates a ripple effect that can touch the world. One metamorphosis leads to another… whether thats in your own life, or the life of someone else.

She asked me to guest blog for her and this is what I have written.


2 thoughts on “Guest Blog on Perseverance

  1. Gabby Whitaker

    Loved this post Kathryn! It was something I needed to hear, too. Tomorrow Josh is leaving for AZ for two months and I’m heartbroken. I have work and work friends, but like you said I am terrified of changing the status quo. So it was nice to be reminded that it is okay for things to change and life goes on. Empowering words my dear!

    1. kathrynthemezzo Post author

      Thank you Mrs. Gabby! I’m so glad you enjoyed my writing! How did I not know you had a blog too?! Good luck to you and Josh with your upcoming travels!


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