Has this ever happened to you?

Has this ever happened to you?

A series of seemingly random events have occurred in your home. Your brain, filled with a thousand other worries, tries to come up with a reason and ends up with nothing. But somewhere in the back of your mind, you’ve figured it out. You know what you need to do to stop these horrible events from continuing. But you don’t commit to it! Maybe it was too far-fetched. Maybe it was too simple. You let it slip back into the recesses of your mind while you are at school, at work, at the gym, running errands. You come home again and WHAM! It’s happened again! And it all clicks back into place! You could have prevented this new disaster if you’d just believed in the power of your own mind and taken action before now! But it’s too late…


I have lost my favorite wicker laundry hamper!

I’m so sad! And it’s only now, with this final piece of evidence that all the pieces come together. Everything she has destroyed has been right next to the front door and the front window! Other dogs come by and she gets upset and anxious that we aren’t home with her and she destroys whatever is near that wall! She never destroyed the laundry hamper when it was in the bedroom. It’s all to do with that wall and probably what’s on the other side of it. Oh well. It’s only stuff.


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