Captain America’s Lemonade

Happy Thirsty Thursday Everyone!

I hope you are getting ready for a relaxing weekend and I hope this drink helps contribute to your relaxation!

But maybe you’re like my hubby and me and between you both you hold down 6 different jobs and one or both of you have to work through the weekend again. I’m not complaining. The Good Lord has seen fit to make sure we can pay all of our bills which is a blessing many people don’t have. And if your situation is anywhere close to mine, I hope this drink helps to take the edge off in a very tasty way!

Captain America’s Lemonade

1 shot of Rum $0.42
1 shot of Blue Curaçao $0.34
3 oz of Squirt soda $0.07
Juice of 1 whole lemon $0.10
Pour over ice
Top with grenadine (approx 1/2 shot) $0.05
Garnish with lemon slice


Restaurant price $6+
Total SAVINGS: $5.02+




14 thoughts on “Captain America’s Lemonade

    1. kathrynthemezzo Post author

      I think you’ll like it! It’s tasty in a way that you want a drink to be because the combination of flavors cover the alcohol taste so well. When you try it I’d love to know what you think!

  1. 3rdtimemama

    That does look tasty – I can’t try it for several more months, but I’ll bookmark it for a post-baby celebration. I love that you give the cost breakdown – my husband and I often joke that we don’t know how people can possibly become alcoholics given the high cost of alcohol (especially at bars and restaurants) – but this seems like a very reasonably priced occasional treat.

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