Frugal Friday – Clothing Edition

Frugal Friday

Happy Friday everyone!

Are you cooling down with a refreshing Captain America Lemonade? I know I am!

Let’s talk clothing for a minute. You can’t wear the same thing every day which is unfortunate because clothing is expensive. This isn’t to say it’s made well, either. More and more First World clothing companies are turning to Third World manufacturing and sweatshops and are using cheap fabric and shoddy workmanship and selling it to us for ridiculously inflated prices. Need some visualization help?

Yep, it’s a parody of Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop.” It’s amusing. It’s catchy. It’s poignant. And remember: each consumer dollar is a vote for what we as a society deem acceptable. Buy local. Buy fair trade. Take care of what you have.

Frugal Friday – Clothing Edition

1. Recycle

Recycle clothes between households, not family members. If your kids are near the same size as a friend’s kids, swap clothes with them. The clothes will be NEW to the kids, as opposed to being hand-me-downs from an older sibling. And let’s face it, you can’t beat the price!

2. Thrift Shops

Macklemore has it right, y’all! Go get you some used clothes for a buck! It also helps the local community, since many thrift shops donate to charitable organizations. Some articles have a great pattern or color but don’t fit quite right? Or at all? No problem…

3. Find a good alterations person

For anywhere from $1-$5, a professional can take an ill-fitting garment and make it flattering! And since well-fitting clothes can make you look slimmer, richer, and better put-together, this may save you more money than you realize! Don’t like the garment as-is? There are options…

4. Refashioning

Take some scissors to that shirt! Change that skirt into a billowy blouse! It’s amazing what a little creativity can yield! Need a little inspirations? There are tons of blogs, including yours truly, that show you how it’s done!

5. Use shampoo on collar and cuff rings

Sweat. Skin. Make-up. Lotion. Medication. It can all leave a mess on your clothes and sometimes laundry detergents just won’t do. That’s because it’s body oil and what cleans body oil better than anything else? Shampoo. Because that’s what it’s designed to do! Don’t throw out that shirt! Just wash it with the right stuff.

6. Wash with cold water

Dealing with an unusual stain? Go ahead with the hot water. Do what you gotta do. But for general laundry, cold is fine! It’s causes less stress on the cloth and it won’t run your electric bill up. Brights stay bright. Darks stay dark. And it will not shrink as much. Brilliant!

7. Hand wash delicates

This is another opportunity for shampoo and cold water. Your lacies and silkies will take less of a beating in the sink and letting them air dry will keep them soft and “delicate.” You’ll replace them less often, run the washer and dryer less often, and for $7.50+ per pair that will add up sooner than you think.

8. Sew buttons once and for all

Sometimes buttons just don’t want to stay on. It happens. The thread isn’t meant to take that kind of abuse. So how do we save those unique-to-this-blouse buttons? Sew them on with… dental floss! They will never fall off again! I recommend the non-flavored kind.

9. Stock up off season

Buy what you need for the next cold-spell just as stores are selling their winter stock at rock-bottom prices in March and April. Buy swimming suits and shorts in October. Sure, next seasons styles may be a bit different, but who cares? When you’re saving 50-90% off retail, you don’t care as much. And if you can buy classic styles instead of what’s trendy, so much the better since it will never go out of style.

10. Paying retail is unacceptable, ever!

When purchasing in-store:
  • Look for coupons online first
  • Look for sales at competitors’ stores – price match?
  • Download that store’s app – it sometimes has coupons
  • Check out their list of sales, usually located at the front of the store
  • Look in the news paper for coupons
  • Start in the back of the store, where the sale items are
  • Don’t go into the regular priced area unless it’s for something specific
  • Look for flaws in the garment and ask for a discount.
  • If it’s the last one left, ask for a discount.
  • Check if a friend works there and can get your the employee price at check-out
  • Ask employees about upcoming sales
  • Be nice to the employees, they can hook you up!
When purchasing Online:
  • Shop around for the item you want
  • Check and
  • Check for businesses going out of business online – Eloquii just closed and I got 5 belts, retailing for $35 each, for $5 a piece!
  • – sure you buy in lots, but each item comes out so cheap and you can sell the rest! This actually makes YOU money!
  • will hook you up with coupons and promo codes
  • Just google “Promo codes” and the name of the store at which you’re shopping
  • Check for free shipping

Long story short, you don’t have to pay retail {almost} ever!

Thanks so much for saving with us today! Have a great weekend!

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