Welcome to Kathryn Tall & Strong, a journey past my first year of marriage and first year of graduate school, and into my first haphazard attempts at sharing my life with the internet.

Hubby and Me

The title of my blog, Kathryn Tall and Strong, indicates what I am (6 feet tall) and what I want to be (Strong, for my husband and myself, against the pitfalls of this world). Being six-feet tall is something of a burden for any woman. Finding a man who would want to date a tall woman is so difficult! Standing strong against criticisms like I was too tall to find a boyfriend or too tall to play anything but an old woman on stage as incredibly demoralizing to hear! Luckily I found the greatest man in the world and he stands a handsome 6’1″! I’m still playing old women on stage through. But that’s alright, because someone has to do it and by the time I’m actually old, I’ll have had lots of practice!

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